How to have fun: Radio museum

Hidden away on Roosevelt Avenue is the KMIN radio museum. Offering more than 80 years of radio history, the museum gives insight on how the entire country once listened to music. Derrick Underhill, the KMIN radio announcer, said that “We try to encourage the next generation of people who want to do radio,” adding,

“it’s kinda’ cool to see where we came from, some of the stuff we had here that I took – we have an office in Rio Rancho; we had a turntable that you could wind up and you could play music – no electricity. So, I tell the kids, ‘this is a 1920s iPod.’”

The museum houses equipment from as far back as the 20s, featuring old radios, microphones and typewriters. The museum houses “an old Betamax, and you can record one hour on this. It was probably a $1,000 thing,” said Underhill


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