Trees are about the future

No other plant has such a variety of uses than trees. Because of their many uses they have been called “mankind’s best friend” in the plant kingdom. It is no wonder that Arbor Day has been set aside to recognize the importance of trees.

Trees provide shade, food, building materials, fuel, and shelter for animals. Their leaves enrich and stabilize the soil. They increase the value of our property. Some are just beautiful to look at. The benefits and uses of trees are almost endless. Adding or removing trees can completely change the climate of an area. Different varieties of trees affect the moisture of an area and the air temperature. Trees can be the difference between a pleasant landscape or a hard wasteland. With so many benefits to having trees we should be planting more of them and taking care of the ones we have. To have a successful tree though requires more than just planting them.

One of the first things to consider is if a specific type of tree is suitable for our area. This will include tolerance of drought, alkaline soil and severe sun exposure. Chilly temperatures are important in selecting fruit trees.

The next thing to consider is the location where the tree will be planted. Available water and sunlight are important as well as shelter from the wind. One important consideration of location is soil depth. Remember to think about the size of the tree when it is mature and choose the location with that in mind. Once you have a list of suitable trees and locations you can begin making your choices.

Choosing what you hope to enjoy is a major part of your decision. Another part is what others in the future may enjoy. The trees we have today were planted by people that are gone now and those trees affect our lives every day. It is interesting to think that by planting trees we could make the future more pleasant for others. With the intelligent and considerate planting of trees we can completely change the lives of others in the future.

Mr. Archibald is a Sandoval County Master Gardener who lives and works in Cibola County. As a Master Gardener he assists the Cibola County Cooperative Extension Service in providing accurate, research-based gardening information to county residents. If you have any gardening questions, call the Cibola County Cooperative Extension at 505-287-9266. You can also contact Mr. Archibald at Cibola County Community Gardeners on Facebook.

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