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    CC - Ramona Montano (left) Cibola County Clerk Michelle E. Dominguez , Cibola County Treasurer Kathy Gonzales, Cibola County Commission District Three candidate Ralph Lucero, Cibola County Assessor candidate Dolores Vallejos, Cibola County Democratic Party Chairman Charles Lundstrom, Cibola County Probate Judge candidate Grace Marie Martinez-Garcia, Michael E. Vigil, U.S. House of Representatives candidate Xochitl Torres Small, New Mexico Gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham and New Mexico State Representative District 69 Harry Garcia (right). Candidates rallied in support of one another at Taco Village in Grants before voting day. Federal, state and local candidates were present at the rally

Michelle Lujan Grisham rallies supporters

By: Diego Lopez

Gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham held a rally Saturday morning at Taco Village in Grants with U.S. Senate candidate and incumbent Martin Heinrich, U.S. House of Representatives candidate Xochitl Torres Small, N.M. Supreme Court Candidate Gary L. Clingman, Commissioner of Public Lands candidate Stephanie Garcia Richard, and several local candidates. They spoke about jobs, growth and progress while in Grants.

Michelle Lujan Grisham

Michelle Lujan Grisham said, “Or job here today is really just this, you have done incredible work. We are incredibly proud, we’re watching Democrats really fight to take your government back, to protect your children and your families, to defend educators and public education. You have rejected – I have to tell you I am so grateful for – you have rejected this GOP talking point that rural New Mexico, and primarily Grants, can’t have business or 21st century jobs here. They’re wrong because that isn’t true – right now you have a government that has abandoned you, they haven’t invested in local businesses, or renewable energy, or healthcare jobs; they didn’t do any of it. There is so much potential here and we are not going to forget one family in this area.”

Lujan Grisham said that voters came out in droves to vote early and that if elected Democrats will support local business, renewable energy and healthcare. “In a lot of states your candidates don’t work very well together, we have Stephanie Garcia Richards, Harry Garcia, Clemente Sanchez and we work well together every single day. So how about a governor that doesn’t veto their bills? They represent you, they work to get good jobs for you. It’s not a race to be at the bottom, it’s a commitment to be at the top. This is why we work well together.”

Martin Heinrich

“This is about bringing our community together, bringing our families together; this election is about the soul of our country and we can reject the politics that say its more important to divide – pit one group of people, of Americans, against each other, and we have a group of leaders here that are going to get work done,” Heinrich said.

Xochitl Torres Small

Torres Small talked about domestic violence, saying that anyone who made it out of an abusive relationship is “a survivor, not a victim.” She said, “we need more training, we need to give our officers the ability to support the survivor, there are some resources out there that we can use, but we need to expand on that.”

Torres Small also said, “this is one of closest congressional races in the country, part of me would have preferred a blowout, but in this district, in this place that we’ve grown up and have grown, I am so proud that people are willing to raise their voices. I am so proud that people are willing to come together to work and grow our communities, but the only way we can do that is if we get our friends, our neighbors and ourselves to go vote. Because the only we way we can grow is if we vote, because our vote is our voice.”

Stephanie Garcia Richard

“From Milan to Grants, Laguna to Acoma we have had such a great response from Cibola County Democrats, let’s all go out to vote because we’re going to make the difference for this election,” Garcia Richard said. “New Mexico needs you,” she added.

Michael E. Vigil

“Is anybody happy with what happened to the Supreme Court recently?” Vigil asked the crowd, “okay well the difference here is that you get to pick who the next justice is on your supreme court, I am your Democratic candidate on the ticket.”

Grace Marie Martinez-Garcia

Grace Marie Martinez-Garcia is the Democratic candidate for Cibola County Probate Judge and said, “this is so exciting, I am running as your probate judge and hopefully after Tuesday I will be elected, I will do everything I can for the people in this county, thank you very much for your support.”

Dolores Vallejos

Dolores Vallejos is the Democratic candidate for Cibola County Assessor and said, “I am so pleased with everybody who came out here, please let’s vote these candidates in here.” Vallejos said, “we need to take back our state. I will do the best job that I possibly can for Cibola County.”

The general election will be Nov. 6.

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