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A memorial service for Bill (William) Peck will be held at Grace Baptist Church on Airport Road in Milan, N.M., on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, at 10 a.m., the same church he met his wifeto- be Kathy Cain over 40 years ago and her services were performed nearly four years ago. He has been cremated per his wishes to no longer take up space on the earth. Bill Peck, 68, of Milan, N.M., has left this world to join his beloved wife Kathy Peck in heaven on Oct. 26, 2018. Bill is survived by his only daughter: Katrina Peck; mother-in-law Lenore Cain: several siblings, both his and his wife's: and friends. He was preceded in death by his parents: Buchard and Faye Peck; stepmother Helen Peck: and many family and friends through his years on this planet. Bill, Kathy, and Katrina moved to Milan, N.M., in 1990 for work opportunities. Kathy worked at Cibola General Hospital until her death in January 2015 after a short battle with breast cancer. Bill worked the flea markets on the Navajo Nation, mostly in Arizona, bringing much needed housewares and various used merchandise to the people. When that became too much for him, he switched to selling "Bill's Hot Roasted Corn" from his big yellow corn trailer. Bill became a favorite of the Navajo people because he always chose the sweetest and freshest corn he could get. Plus, his friendly, outgoing personality entertained and warmed the people, making them feel special while in his presence. Bill's life took a devastating turn when Kathy passed quietly at home in her sleep beside him. He has slowly adapted to the heartbreak, though not always choosing the best people to be around during these years. Bill was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the end of April 2018 and chose not to undergo treatment, he just wanted to be comfortable and pain free. His daughter eventually found a safe assisted living home for him when it became clear he could no longer care for himself. Bill finally succumbed to the cancer after six months and passed comfortably with his daughter at his side.




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