Helen Mary Josephine Matthews

Helen Mary Josephine Matthews, beloved wife of Dale C. Matthews, Jr., Helen is survived by her two sons: Samuel A. and Thomas O. Matthews; their wives: Dawn and Kate; and six grandchildren: Anna, Daniel, Sophie, Jim, Jack and Ben.

Affectionately known as Mary by most, Helen by some and Jo by others, our mom had great fun with the variations that her name allowed. She was born and raised in rural Illinois, but her sense of adventure sent her westward.

She went to college in Arizona, then met Dale, a metallurgical engineer, while teaching in Grants, New Mexico. Dale liked to recount seeing her first car, a beat-up old hotrod with bald tires and flames painted on the sides. His first gift to her was a set of spark plugs.

Mom was kind and funny, and above all things, a child of Jesus.

In later years, she took to playing piano each morning. She often noted that she had hated studying piano as a child, but that she was so grateful later to have the gift of music.

Mary and Dale lived in many places including Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, California and N.M. They were hardworking decent folks who raised their sons to be the same. They loved their family and their friends, had little tolerance for fools and fads, and kept true to their faith. Mary had no fear of death, she looked forward to the day she would meet Jesus and walk with him through Heaven's gates.

Donations can be made to: www.godspreciouschildren.com/

A Memorial Service will be held Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 10 a.m. at Daniels Funeral & Cremation.

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