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Wisdom from a problematic driver

I tend to be a problematic driver. I get lost in the music blasting from the speakers and fail to focus fully on the road in front of me. I speed. I get angry. For a long time, I’ve been in denial about my problem, believing it doesn’t matter if I let out a string of curses that would make a sailor blush if there’s no one around to hear them. And if I make the gesture out of their eyeline, they will never know I just gave them the bird.

Emotion-minded driving, however, is not healthy, safe or good for the soul. It is difficult not to see time spent on the road as time wasted, and the person going five miles below the speed limit in front of us as the person wasting our time. It’s frustrating to have someone suddenly pull out in front of you without using their signal. But giving into the annoyance with an outburst, no matter how seemingly harmless or unseen, does more harm to us than anyone else.

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