• A tale of two New Mexico’s
    Diego Lopez

A tale of two New Mexico’s

State of Affairs

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham gave her State of the State address last week, Jan. 21, in front of the bicameral legislature to outline her legislative agenda. in the opening of her address she made it very clear that things are looking up in New Mexico, that jobs are coming here, and people are excited to get working in the state.

Yet, even with the governor’s fantastic outlook on the state, we don’t seem to find that here in Cibola County. i mean, how much bleaker can things look for our county? Maybe we shouldn’t answer that, but our community is about to lose close to 150 jobs, if not more, all because of this massive push to be green. Just how green can you be, though?

The steel necessary to build windmills doesn’t just appear. the solar panels we use aren’t just magically apparated. these things we use to generate renewable energy must be built, and they require nonrenewable energies to create. Not to mention, these things don’t last forever, but i digress.

What the New Mexico governor is talking about is not the New Mexico i’m living in, it is not the New Mexico most rural residents are living in. So many of us depend on coal mining, oil refining and oil pumping to live in the state, indeed the state itself gets a good chunk of its money from these industries, these industries which typically mostly serve rural areas.

So of course, the effects of the shutdown of Escalante Power Generating Station aren’t going to be felt in Santa Fe, Albuquerque or even Las Cruces, but we sure feel it here, our northern neighbors in McKinley county feel it.

While things may be looking fine and dandy in Santa Fe, they don’t seem fine or dandy here. there is a huge concern for the livelihood of people in the community, and i really feel that Santa Fe is deaf to our concerns.

i certainly am grateful to State Senator Clemente Sanchez. i know that he voted yes to the Energy transition Act, but at least he had the guts to stand up to the community and take it on the chin. he told the community what they deserve to hear – the truth. Was it what the community wanted? Probably not, but at least he had the respect for his constituents to come out and take the beating from the public, to make himself available to them.

i am grateful to State Senator George Munoz for making himself available to the community. he may have voted against the EtA which the community was grateful for, but even still he made himself available to the community, which is something all our legislators should do.

Remember, just because they are legislators, doesn’t make them anymore worthy of respect or decency than you. these are people who should make themselves accountable to you, and if they don’t then they’re not doing their job as a public servant.

So i suppose that’s where we stand - urban New Mexico is in a different situation than rural New Mexico. i only hope Santa Fe can figure that out before they close out this legislative session, and i pray that they realize people in rural areas have a voice too.

On another note, with the Superbowl right around the corner, i’m most excited for the return of baseball, even if the state of my team (the Boston Red Sox, just FYi) isn’t so great right now, i pumped for another great season.

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