The new norm: menu!


We are currently at 399 cases of COVID-19 in Cibola County, N.M. The death toll is at 20.

Last week as I watched the news…. AGAIN, I heard some opinions about the safety of dining in restaurants with people you know and sitting close to as opposed to dining outside near people you don’t know but more distanced from in regard to COVID-19 exposure and the possibility of contracting it. There are mixed opinions, but it appeared the outside area is presumably the safer of the two. Then I thought about menus. When dining at restaurants one will probably use the menu on the table that the previous patron used. I hope it was sanitized. We view menus on the signage at drive-thru food services when we do that option; they are safe. It has worked well for us.

Another thought on menus: they are not only for restaurants, but my camera has a menu as well. The little button lets you select options for installing time, dates, flash settings as well as other features. Many things have menus.

COVID-19 prevention has a menu of options to help you along in life as well: social distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing masks are included. Visit in small groups as well. You can go on-line to follow the trends and possibly change your menu options you may have had to help avoid contact and contraction. We have done that. Holidays, including Labor Day, that we’ve always enjoyed seem to let us drop our guard and may spur a COVID resurgence causing us to regress in our efforts to beat this pandemic. I stay aware of this!

I looked up “menus for success” as I had recalled that phrase from the past. Some are as follows: Leadership…$ priceless, Teamwork… $ invaluable, dedication… $ priceless, and so forth. These are time proven things that lead to success. Teamwork… “Together we can get through this pandemic” is a motto I have seen often lately; on the news, on the informational signage on I-40 to mention a few places. Evelyn and I talk often of people that have supported us and how we support them and each other on gray days when one is overwhelmed by being homebound, by social distancing and such. It is tiring to say the least and wears one down; we can talk it through together. We talked of appreciation of each other as we have practiced for years, at times greater than other. But we can!

Over our morning coffee yesterday as the sun rose on the calm pre-fall morning, as the doves cooed their morning awakening in nearby trees, we talked of our survival plan and options menu ……it’s simple……our menu: