Carolyn Frances (Duffey) Little Bear

  • Carolyn Frances (Duffey) Little Bear
    Carolyn Frances (Duffey) Little Bear

On January 3, 2021, Carolyn was once again wrapped in the loving arms of her beloved Joe. Carolyn Frances (Duf

Carolyn Frances (Duffey) Little Bear, Creek and Cherokee Native, was born to John and Aggie Dean Duffey in Pensacola, Florida on March 24, 1934. Born in the front room of a house on 9th Avenue, a post-depression baby that would grow to grace many lives. At age 12, Carolyn met a barefoot Osage Nation boy on horseback who had been out hunting and fishing, Joseph in Okeechobee, FL, who would steal her heart. Together they would build a life, raise two girls, Jeanie and Bobby, and travel the world.

In Alaska they faced - 51degree cuddle weather and earthquakes.

In Ethiopia, Joe painted “Carolyn’s Bug” on her VW Beatle where the locals affectionately dubbed her Mrs. Bug. Carolyn mastered the markets of Thailand. A Coup d'état and Declaration of War in Cyprus drew on Carolyn’s protective instinct for her family and those around her.

In the United Kingdom, Carolyn learned gourmet cooking, joined the Women’s Club, gave tours and visited Woolen Mills and Crystal factories. She even went down a working mine shaft. Carolyn and Joe traveled Europe, skied the Alps, hiked the Lyke Wake Walk in England (42 miles), explored Thai, Roman and Byzantine ruins, castles, museums, churches and temples, Oktoberfest, graced U.S. dignitary parties, loved life and each other.

Back home, her girls grew up hanging over bridges all night shrimping and crabbing, walked the beach, fished by boat, and the reward was a community fish fry on Friday.

Carolyn grew incredible flowers, read voraciously, mastered embroidery, crocheting, beadwork and hand stitched traditional Native American clothing and regalia. Oh! the frybread, hundreds of pounds of frybread, a recipe from Osage and Ottawa, and prepared regularly for family, friends, Pow wows, Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, special events, fundraisers and so much more.

One rule in this Southern Lady’s home, if you leave hungry, it’s your own fault! Carolyn’s laughter will be missed, but her legacy of a gentle heart, friendships, and a life well lived will not be forgotten.

She is preceded by her husband, Joseph Leonard (Strickel) Little Bear.

She will forever live in the hearts of daughter Jeanie and husband Dan Mason, granddaughter Colleen and husband Geoffrey Wickliffe, granddaughter Heather and husband Kevin Pack, daughter Bobby Little Bear and husband Jeffery Fink, and granddaughter Josclyn Fink.