Saving bean seeds

Saving seeds is as natural as gardening and bean seeds are some of the easiest types to save. Saving your own seed can bring greater enjoyment to your gardening experience.

How home health aides are handling this COVID-19 situation

GRANTS, N.M. - Home health aides have particularly important roles in the lives of those they take care of. In Grants, one of the private companies that utilizes home health aides is Critical Nurse Staffing. CNS is based out of Grand Junction, Colorado and has locations dispersed throughout the country. According to their website,, “CNS serves former nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, miners, millers, veterans of the armed services and current workers who experience a life changing injury or ongoing health issues due to their employment.”

Trees are about the future

No other plant has such a variety of uses than trees. Because of their many uses they have been called “mankind’s best friend” in the plant kingdom. It is no wonder that Arbor Day has been set aside to recognize the importance of trees.


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