The new norm: Rerun!


Currently we are at 403 cases of COVID-19 cases in Cibola County, N.M. and the death toll is at 20.

We have been home-bound as much as sanity allows lately. We are aware of rising numbers of coronavirus after major holidays and have stayed home during them to avoid virus contracting the coronavirus.

We watch television more than we usually do. We watch mostly re-runs including Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. We impress each other at our knowledge of the answers to the game shows. Re-runs and good memories of the first viewing?

HMMMMM! Who’s the smarty?

We watch westerns as well, as we have divulged in a previous column. John Wayne… need I say more? Last evening, we watched a re-run of “Rio Bravo.”

Can you imagine that movie was made and first viewed in 1948; almost a hundred years and still viewed and liked? Some reruns are classics and can be watched repeatedly and still enjoyed thoroughly.

Remember Charles Schultz cartoon character Re-run? His whole name was Re-run van Pelt. He was the youngest brother of Lucy. Linus was the first younger brother. Lucy referred to the second brother as a re-run of the first one. Amazing isn’t it, how someone can love the littlest brother even though he may have stolen some of the remaining glory the first brother stole from a glorious and once single, first child like Lucy?

There are re-runs I can watch over and over again like “The Real McCoy’s” featuring Walter Brennen as Grandpa Amos McCoy, along with Luke and Hassie. And remember “The Beverly Hillbillies” with Jed Clampet, Granny, Jethro, and Ellie May… remember the cement pond?

We watch the restoration channels where they restore old cars like ours. We have seen re-runs often. Amazing how just a couple guys can do a full restoration in a 30 minute program. We watch them repeatedly. We can’t wait for this pandemic to end to return back to our old car show local circuit. We have been working on finishing our ’53 Suburban for next year.

We look forward to watching the classic re-runs as we stay at home more during this pandemic.

One re-run I fear is COVID -19; I do not dare dream of its reoccurrences as I feared it and hated the first edition. On that, we can definitely help prevent a re-run by social distancing, wearing a face mask as necessary and repeated hand sanitizing!

COVID-19…. Definitely…. No Reruns!