Sophia Marie Becerra Sophia Marie Becerra was born on Aug. 8, 2019, to her parents Dominic and Jessie Becerra. Anthony Kade Oso Anthony Kade Oso was born on Aug. 22,

Famous Birthdays

MAY 19 Sam Smith, Singer (27) MAY 20 Rachel Platten, Singer (38) MAY 21 Mark Crilley, Author (53) MAY 22 Ginnifer Goodwin, Actress (41) MAY 23 Melissa McBride, Actress (54)


GEMINI May 22/Jun 21 Others look to you for guidance this week, Gemini. Try to lead them in the right direction. If you do not have all of the answers,

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Ongoing Tuesday Grants/Milan Rotary Club Meeting, 12 p.m. at El Cafecito Restaurant, 820 E Santa Fe Ave., Grants. Don’t Know Where to Turn? There is Hope for Friends and Families


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