Milan officials hold brief workshop

MILAN, N.M. – Larry Carver, a local businessman, identified several issues when he addressed the Village of Milan Board of Trustees via telephone at the July 8 workshop session. He expressed concern about flood control for the Rio San Jose. Windblown soil has accumulated in portions of the Rio near Ralph Card Road, which could cause problems during the seasonal monsoons. He recommended clearing the excess soil from the riverbed. He advised that planting groundcover crops in the agricultural fields located within the industrial park would help decrease soil erosion that contributes to the accumulations within the Rio. Carver pointed out the importance of maintaining the channel and noted that numerous trees have taken root along the banks. The Milan resident suggested that the trustees consider advertising a Request For Proposal to remove the vegetation. The harvested material could be chipped or hauled to the transfer station just west of Milan for disposal at the Red Rocks Landfill, which serves Cibola and McKinley counties. The fencing along the Rio is inadequate in some areas; four-wheelers and other vehicles use portions of the ditch drainage areas as roadways, which could be a liability issue for the village said Carver.

Poultry but no crowing roosters; City P&Z approves variances

GRANTS, N.M. – Robert Windhorst, City of Grants code enforcement officer, responded to Josephine Hurtado’s question about variances. Hurtado had commented that the P&Z Commission grants “a lot of variances” and wondered why the documents are not recorded with Cibola County. Windhorst explained to the Planning and Zoning Commission’s vice chair that variances are not recorded with the county clerk’s office. Landowners are told to keep the variance certificate with their deed, so that it is available for future inspection.

Amending local soils

In most cases our local soil can be amended to make particularly good gardening soils. This can be a great savings in money and there is an almost endless supply of soil. Properly amended local soils can have superior water retention and plenty of nutrients for growing plants.


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