A new normal

The most recent discussions have been around the subject of a new normal. Most of us have very definite opinions as to the direction we should take, not only next year but also next week. What I would like our community to discuss is the new future.

A variety of interests; Encouraging dialogue and discussion

I was asked to do a weekly column for the Citizen. I am truly flattered. My primary interests are in the areas of government, politics, and education, although I am open to any suggestions that are of interest to the Cibola County community. It is my intention to provide commentary that will encourage dialogue and discussion, not bombast or bluster. The opinions expressed will be entirely my own and will not represent the views of the Cibola Citizen.

The Social Contract

The Social Contract

Winston Churchill is widely regarded as one of the best prime ministers the United Kingdom ever had. Churchill led the U.K. through World War II, through bombing after bombing and espionage attempt after espionage attempt. Through the blood, sweat and tears Churchill, the U.K. and the world survived that disastrous war; but it only survived because people adhered to their social contract.


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