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The Cibola Citizen welcomes announcements about community events. Please include contact information: phone number, email address or website. There is no charge for publishing calendar announcements. Contact the Cibola Citizen at, call 505-287-3840 or 505-604-4347, or stop by 200 W. Santa Fe Ave., Grants, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Tips for writing an obituary

Do not feel obliged to include cause of death. While acquaintances who first learn of a person’s death via an obituary may be curious about cause of death, loved ones of the deceased do not have to include such information if they are uncomfortable doing so. Many obituaries never include such information, so readers likely won’t expect it.

Watering systems

A watering system that delivers adequate water for the right length of time and at regular intervals is the best way to have a productive garden. Most gardening problems here, in Cibola County, can be traced to watering issues. There are four common ways to water your garden and each of these have advantages and disadvantages. They are hand watering, sprinkler systems, flood irrigation and drip irrigation.


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